Kennismakingsworkshop AvB



Project begeleiding kennismakingsworkshop stedenbouw en landschaparchitectuur
Academie van Bouwkunst
Periode 13 december 2017
Samen met Hein van Lieshout

Bieke Van Hees begeleidt de kennismakingsworkshop Stedenbouw en Landschapsarchitectuur samen met Hein van Lieshout. In deze workshop kunnen kandidaat-studenten kennis maken met de werkwijze van de academie en werken zij in één dag een opgave uit.

One of the largest potential development locations in the Benelux (and perhaps even Europe) is Haven-Stad Amsterdam (Port City Amsterdam). The area has a potential of 40,000 to 70,000 homes and 40,000 to 58,000 jobs, equivalent to a city the size of Leiden. The ambition is to create an inclusive city with social and recreational amenities; a powerful and densely urbanised infrastructure and green structure.

In principle, the transformation of the former industrial and port areas have already been started, given the development of Sloterdijk I and the transition of the Minervahaven, where fashion companies are aligning themselves with the robust- ness of the former port area. However, planning is only possible after 2025 in the majority of Haven-Stad, and residential construction only after 2029, until the agreement between the port and the municipality has elapsed.

However, the City of Amsterdam has high ambitions for this area. It must become an attractive, densely urbanised com- bined residential and business area, easily accessible by public transport and bicycle, and sustainable, because the quali- ties of this area in terms of location, size and identity cannot be found elsewhere in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.”

Minervahaven is a subarea of Haven-Stad and it’s transforming from a harbour related bussiness area to a mixed urban area with creative companies. In the coming future it becomes a part of the Amsterdam city fabric.

The students are challenged to contribute ideas towards the identity of the subarea Hempoint and sketch a vista for a new island within the Minervahaven. The assignment will initially be a study based on a personal fascination. Themes like water, green structures, connectivity are explored, resulting in a design for the island. What could it be in the future? A park, a high rise urban housing area, a shopping area, a forest? How do you get on the island. How do you live there? Or are there no people living at all? What kind of sphere will you design?


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